Rose Thomas Bannister is a singer songwriter who lives in Brooklyn.


Raised in Nebraska, where she founded the Clawfoot House venue, Bannister settled in Brooklyn a few years ago after completing a 63-date DIY tour of the whole United States. Her 2012 album The Sewing Room  was an underground psych folk simmer-hit. She is touring in fall 2018 with her band, Rose Thomas Bannister & The Filthy Unbelievers,  in support of her new EP Ambition, a song cycle based on Macbeth.

Bannister has continued her habit of curating experimental and folk music concerts with three seasons of her Mayflower music series in Brooklyn. Besides leading her band, she has also collaborated regularly with Susan Alcorn, played organ at R.I.O with Alec K. Redfearn & The Eyesores, produced a Concetta Abbate record, booked tours for Bunnybrains and Dino Felipe, harmonized with Debby Schwartz and Franklin Bruno, and improvised as a member of Heavy Laundry. 

(Formerly known as Ember Schrag, Bannister legally changed her name in 2016). 

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"A nimble guitarist, a   gripping storyteller, clever   lyricist and a strong,           
    dynamic singer with a               direct, clear, matter-of-
          fact of the              most individualistic
              and interesting
                 songwriters in any
                     style of music."

                        - New York   
                          Music Daily